Save time and resources. Manage all your projects, tasks and clients in one place.


Modules included in this plan


Weekly-do gives you the daily and weekly overview you need of your tasks within clients and projects.

Client management

With Agado Client management you get an easy overview of your clients, and details within.

Project management

Project management makes it easy for you to follow the process, and let you know if you're on track.

Task management

Simple task management makes sure that communication between you and your client becomes minimal.


The workflow module is the big overview of your business. Watch all your projects in a timeline.

Project management

Keeping a track on your tasks, creating an overview for your day and following your growth process has never been easier.

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  • Time Tracking

    Reporting hours and changing the status of tasks is painless.

  • Workflow

    You can simply overview your entire workflow.

  • Invoicing

    We give you an intuitive overview of the invoicing of all your work.


Keep up with your workflow on the go. Agado is coming for iOS and Android soon...

All in one place

We have gathered the modules you want and the data you need, all in one place.

Safe. Secure. Fast

We use the best and safest technologies to ensure that your data is protected.

Fresh Interfaces

We are constantly updating our design and looking for new ways to improve your user experience.

How much does Agado cost?

It's simple. You pay only for what you use.

$ 3.6 one user only
  • All workflow modules
  • Third-party integrations
  • Outstanding Support
  • 5GB storage per company
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$ 3 one user only
  • All workflow modules
  • Third-party integrations
  • Outstanding Support
  • 5GB storage per company
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Happy Customers


Agado is made by two previous Freelancers, they've taken the experience and challenges, and made Agado!

Fresh Design

It's very important for us your eyes are delighted when you look at Agado on a daily basis.

Speed Optimised

We know time is money, which is why Agado is optimised to be as fast as possible and with the fewest possible click from a to b.

24/7 Supports

We have a chat you can write to every day all year, and we will try to respond to you in a matter of time.


Agado is matching your profile. We have a dashboard where you as a freelancer get the overview you need!

Performance score

In Agado we create a performance score on your clients and projects. Based on these performance scores you can easily see what's profitable for you.

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